Past Messages and "Wee Words"

The messages from the Weeks of Prayer from 2015 through 2023 are all available on our YouTube channel. The morning and evening messages generally followed the weekly and daily themes. The “wee words” were short (“wee”) devotionals or testimonies that were shared in the afternoon sessions each week through 2019 when we met in person.

The information below provides the themes for each year along with a link to the videos for each message on YouTube.

2022 – A Refocused Mission

“…that Your way may be known on earth, Your salvation among all nations.” Psalm 67:2

Monday: Why are we here?
Session 1 – Randy Hoffman

Tuesday: We want it
Session 2 – Mike Attwood
Session 3 – John Bjorlie

Wednesday: The world needs it
Session 4 – Nate Bramsen
Session 5 – Mike Attwood

Thursday: God deserves it
Session 6 – Nathan Dow
Session 7 – Caleb Trent

Friday: Where do we go from here?
Session 8 – Scott DeGroff
Wee Words
Tuesday – Josh George
Wednesday – Eric Smith
Thursday – Ben Lewis

2021 – A Renewed Confidence

“with us is the LORD our God, to help us and to fight our battles. And the people took confidence…” 2 Chr 32:8

Monday: Confidence in Him
Session 1 – Scott DeGroff
Session 2 – Warren Henderson

Tuesday: Confidence in His Agenda
Session 3 – Rich Brown
Session 4 – Randy Hoffman

Wednesday: Confidence in His Gospel
Session 5 – Josh Rova
Session 6 – Josh George

Thursday: Confidence in His Provision
Session 7 – Mike Attwood
Session 8 – Jon Benson

Friday: Confidence in His Presence
Session 9 – Bruce Hulshizer
Session 10 – Randy Hoffman

Messages from Sisters:
Amy Tuttle
Julie Kurian
Lynn DeGroff