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Monday – A Fully Sanctified Man

Monday Evening 7-9PM (Central Daylight Time (CDT)) – Randy Hoffman

Tuesday – Renewed Minds

Intro to Fasting – Tuesday 9-9:10am Central Daylight Time (CDT) – Mike Attwood

Tuesday Morning 9:10-11:15AM
(Central Daylight Time (CDT)) – Nathan Dow

Tuesday Afternoon #1 2-3:30PM
(Central Daylight Time (CDT)) – Josh George

Tuesday Afternoon #2 4-5PM
(Central Daylight Time (CDT)) – Tom Wright

Tuesday Evening 7-9PM (Central Daylight Time (CDT)) – Mike Attwood

Wednesday – Receptive Hearts

Wednesday Morning 9-11:15AM
(Central Daylight Time (CDT)) – Scott DeGroff

Wednesday Afternoon #1 2-3:30PM
(Central Daylight Time (CDT)) – John Sinclair

Wednesday Afternoon #2 4-5PM
(Central Daylight Time (CDT)) – Jon Benson

Wednesday Evening 7-9PM (Central Daylight Time (CDT)) – Eric Michelson

Thursday – Responsive Wills

Thursday Morning 9-11:15AM
(Central Daylight Time (CDT)) – Micah Williams

Thursday Afternoon #1 2-3:30PM
(Central Daylight Time (CDT)) Michael McKillen

Thursday Afternoon #2 4-5PM
(Central Daylight Time (CDT)) Andrew Hawkinson

Thursday Evening 7-9PM
(Central Daylight Time (CDT)) – Jabe Nicholson (Link To Jabes Message)

Friday – Where do we go from here?

Friday Morning 9-11:15AM
(Central Daylight Time (CDT)) – Scott DeGroff