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Live streaming realities: The internet network does have limitations. If the video freezes or goes black, please be patient and the signal will come back. You can refresh the webpage to see if it’s back. Know we are doing the very best to limit this from happening. Praise the Lord for this technology.

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Where Do We Go From Here? – Scott DeGroff – Friday 9am

Prayer – Thursday 8:00pm

Nate Bramsen – Message – Thursday 7:30pm

Afternoon Session 2 – Message and Prayer – Thursday 4pm

Afternoon Session 1 – Message  – Thursday 2pm

Strongholds Gripping the Nation – Thursday 9am

Evening Message – A Church Unhindered – Wednesday 7:30pm 

Afternoon Session 2 – Message & Prayer Wednesday 4pm

Afternoon Session 1 – Message Wednesday 2pm

Stronghold Gripping the Church – Prayer time

Stronghold Gripping the Church – Part 2 – Wednesday 9am

Stronghold Gripping the Church – Part 1 – Wednesday 9am

Tuesday Evening Session “A Heart Set Free”

Afternoon Session 2 – Prayer – Tuesday 4pm

Afternoon Session 2 – Message – Tuesday 4pm

Afternoon Session 1 – Tuesday 2pm

  Strongholds Gripping the Heart — Tuesday 9:00am Central

Introduction to Strongholds — Monday 7:30pm Central

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