Get Involved

How to personally engage in this collective call to “seek the Lord.”

Over the past five years, we have enjoyed our Lord’s presence and wonderful times of prayer at the week of prayer in Shawnee, KS. Stepping out with this radically altered format is another step of faith, and we are looking to the Lord to take this week and make it exactly what He wants it to be. May His will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

Here are three ways we envision praying saints getting involved in this week of prayer:

1. Personally – setting time aside each day this week to be in the Lord’s presence in prayer seeking the Lord and seeking His intervention in our lives, our homes, our churches, our communities, and our world.

Listen to Messages

2. Administratively – some of you might be exercised to initiate/host daily online prayer meetings (zoom or alternative) in one of two ways:

a. Privately – inviting those you know from your personal, local church or ministry contacts.

b. Publically – inviting those you know from your personal, local church or ministry contacts AND posting your meeting details and contact information on the website. Interested individuals from across the continent who wish to join would be required to contact you for a link & password to your meeting. We are currently preparing a form that will be available on the where prayer event details can easily be submitted.

Host a Prayer Meeting

3. Corporately – During the week, we anticipate believers visiting the website and viewing a list of online prayer events taking place throughout North America (and even beyond?). After identifying which prayer meeting (s) they wished to join, a text or email would be sent to the posted contact for the meeting requesting the link & password to join that meeting.

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